Kosen Judo in Japan (Grand Daddy of the Ground Game)

It's great being a judo vagabond. I get to travel to places in the judo world that most are not able to. I've been able to work out in both Korea and Japan the past five years of my life and consider … [Read more...]

Judo in Korea

Judo (유도). It keeps my heart beating. After 20+ years of training I found myself relearning the art from scratch in many aspects.  Though heavily reliant on throwing techniques, judo is also known for … [Read more...]

Judo Videos in Korea

This page is dedicated to the judo videos I've created during my time here in Korea. They cover my judo adventures, tutorials on judo throws by an 8th dan master, and video montages of the judo … [Read more...]

My Korean Judo Master on National TV (Korean only/TURN UP Volume)

Somehow the people of Channel A in Seoul, Korea got their hands on my video of my 64 year old judo instructor doing some of his amazing physical feats of strength.  A variety show on this network … [Read more...]

Judo Class with Kids

This time of year brings in many students at my judo school.  Recently, we've seen more middle school and high school kids joining.  There's even two elementary school little guys.  One of the adults … [Read more...]

My Judo School in Korea – Founded the Year of Korean Independence

I happen to be very fortunate to have a very historic judo school just blocks from my apartment in Korea.  It is very traditional and a fantastic place to learn judo and make lasting friendships. … [Read more...]

Korean Judo Master Interview

I simply cannot believe the response to the video I posted of my judo instructor.  Off a whim I asked him to show some of his physical abilities through the exercises he uses in his own personal … [Read more...]

Strength of a 64 Year Old Korean Judo Master

Being involved in the sport of judo takes a lot of guts.  To obtain technical proficiency, physical strength and stamina, as well as intelligent strategy requires a long term, sustained effort.  It is … [Read more...]

Judo Tournament in Busan, South Korea

I had the opportunity to watch an incredible judo tournament held in Busan, South Korea, where I currently live and teach English.  The event was held in the Gudeok Sports Arena and attracted well … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Tie Your Judo or BJJ Belt

There are many ways to tie your judo belt. Some of us learned early on how to make due with the basic way, but as you continue on you judo adventure in life, you learn there are better ways. … [Read more...]