Strength of a 64 Year Old Korean Judo Master

Being involved in the sport of judo takes a lot of guts.  To obtain technical proficiency, physical strength and stamina, as well as intelligent strategy requires a long term, sustained effort.  It is a sport that requires sacrifice, focus, and just plain guts.  To remain in “judo shape” over long periods of time is a truly difficult and challenging thing.  The master instructor of the judo school at which I practice in Busan, South Korea is a real-life example of this sacrifice and dedication.

One day I had brought my camera to class and before anyone showed up (other than the head instructor seen in parts of the video below) I asked if he would demonstrate some of the strength building exercises for judo.  He obliged.  He walked onto the mat cold and did some things I simply can’t imagine being able to do.  In addition to this, he is 64 years old!!  Unbelievable.

A true judo master.

See the follow up interview here.


  1. Incredible, Tom. I am speechless.

  2. Wow — 64 years old. Very impressive.

  3. I couldn't agree more. I am so fortunate to be his student.

  4. Impressive at any age – but he is truly amazing!

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