Apartment Life in Korea

There is a lot of time outside of the classroom. You can’t always be out being adventurous and your friends won’t always be available for you. There will be plenty of days when you’ll be in your apartment either by default or by choice. Thank you God for Facebook and Skype!

Everybody has their own take on apartment life. You’ve likely watched 947 different YouTube Korean crib videos by now. Apartments in Korea come in all shapes, sizes, and QUALITIES! You hope to get a good one, right?! One with the nice wood floors and the loft bedroom thing – I know, I watched all the videos too. But what it comes down to is what you do with your place and how you enjoy your time in it.

You’ll learn about Korean mosquitossoon enough. You’ll soon learn that you have to figure out how to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Shopping for food – where to start? I explore shopping at large corporate department/grocery stores as well as the local Korean markets.

Find out a little about how I’ve done apartment life in Korea. I should know; I’ve been in 4 different units so far!

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  1. Hi Tom

    My best friend will be leaving in Feb. to teach and I was trying to come up with a gift to give her that is not bulky , big or anything that she really had to put in storage while she is gone. I was wondering is there something that you would have loved to have on your journey over? Or things that you miss from the states that you cannot get in Korea? Thanks

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