My Japanese Apartment in Hiroshima

Here is a tour of my Japanese apartment in Hiroshima. I went from one extreme in Korea to another. Looks like I’ll be doing a bit of shopping in the future.


  1. Avatar Robert Strain says:


    This was quite entertaining (the videos thus far have been). I was a little surprised by the bedroom size. I thought for sure you had to sleep with the door open and your feet out. I was really thinking this when looking at the dimensions. 🙂

    • LOL. I think the “bug-eye” effect on the camera makes things look a little different. The bedroom is actually plenty large enough, but cozy and very quiet. Unfortunately I’ll have to move into one of the other rooms during the summer because they have the A/C. I say unfortunately because noise from the street can get loud even at night.

  2. IT actually seems like a nice apartment. I was expecting a new teacher in japan to have to stay in a small studio apartment, but I was surprised to see 4 rooms.

    I must admit, the bathroom situation is a bit odd to me. Almost claustrophobic with all the doors.

    • I am very fortunate to have my current situation. Being in Hiroshima makes a difference since it’s much more affordable too. If you go to Tokyo this apt would be astronomical.

  3. Hello !!
    Really I was very surprised by the intelligent organization as your apartment … In the beginning I thought it was a studio.. But gradually I discovered a whole house absolutely nothing lacking as a part of puzzle … why not this is Japan …
    Well let me tell you that I fell in love with your apartment realy … Thank you for your nice sharing and taking care of your home because all people can who has it Tommy.


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