I’m Saving Boat Loads of Cash in This Sweet New Chinese Apartment

I honestly have no idea how I ended up in China.

The end.

I was half a hair away from hanging up the mitts with teaching overseas. The Korean Ministry of Education had been hemming and hawing about changing laws surrounding what grades should be allowed in public after school programs. In classic, passive-aggressive Korean form, they made the stink, but couldn’t pull the trigger.


For years the talk was to prohibit G1 and G2 students from being enrolled in the programs because they were too young for the extra workload.

Which I completely understand. After 8 hours of regular school, 6 hours of piano lessons, 4 of math, and judo class, they had to draw the line somewhere.

So my precious after school program was pulled out right from underneath me. All that struggling trying to get the F-4 visa so I could get this type of job was in vain.

I think Lloyd Christmas said it best when he yelled, “That’s it! I’ve had it with this dump!”

However, out of peripheral was this other interview process I had earlier with a school in Dongguan, China.

The pay was ridiculous even though the location was too.

But in classic, greedy Korean-American form I jumped on it. And the school allowed me to get on board early. (My after school program ended before my one-year contract did).

I wasn’t psyched about China. But it’s funny, after you save in 3 months what took a year of frugal living in Korea, the day seems brighter.

Not to mention the expenses. I get 3 square on the house each work day. Food bill – gone.

My rent is the killer. I live in a brand-spankin’ new apartment.

Huawei-built, Huawei employee-owned, and a toilet that has never been sat on. Fully furnished. 2 bedrooms. Marble floors.


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