How to maximize your income in Korea

As an English teacher in South Korea or any other country, your income is set. It will either be on a pay grade scale with the public school system, or you’ll know what your salary is before signing on with a private school.

Experience is the most common way to move up the salary ranks and earn more money, but there are many other ways as well. From private tutoring (not permitted in EPIK) to extra school projects, there will be opportunities to add a little jingle to your pocket.

But what if you don’t want to work extra hours? Well, that’s when the world of self-improvement comes into play. The ESL world is rapidly expanding the breadth of opportunities and with it, the need for more qualified instructors. The higher paying, more challenging opportunities call for greater qualifications and experience on the part of the teacher. Obtaining teaching certifications and taking part in training will only help open the doors to more financially rewarding opportunities.

From TESOL certifications to state teaching credentials, you’ll find I speak about these things often as I’ve been through the processes first hand.

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