Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Teach English in Korea?

Chapter 2: Make the Decision

Chapter 3: Korea in a Nutshell

  • What Korea is NOT Like
  • What Korea IS Like

Chapter 4: Finding a Job

  • Will There Still Be Jobs When You Are Ready To Go?
  • “Am I Too Old?”
  • Traversing the World of Recruiters
  • Job Requirements
  • Where to Find ESL Jobs
  • Creating a Winning Resume Package
    • Cover letters
    • Effective email communications with recruiters
    • Good vs. bad photos
  • Interviewing Tips to Seal the Deal
  • Ensure Every Recruiter Will Place You in a Job
  • How to Make a Memorable Video Introduction
  • Preparing Documentation
  • Jobs for Koreans
  • Coming to Korea as a Couple

Chapter 5: Teach Certifications and Licenses

Chapter 6: Teaching Tips

  • Preparing for Your First Day
  • Effective Classroom Management
    • Control student behavior
    • Define how to be involved in an activity
    • Enforce your rules and guidelines
    • Engage with students both in and out of class
  • Building Relationships with Teachers and Students

Chapter 7: Making Good Use of Your Down Time

  • Having Foreigner Friends
  • Getting to Know Koreans
  • Sightseeing and Travel
  • Volunteering
  • Church
  • Other Hobbies and Activities

Chapter 8: The Reality of Korean Culture

  • The Good
    • Welcoming nature towards Westerners
    • Take the “deep dive” to discover the gems
    • Safety
  • The Bad
  • Managing Racism and Xenophobia
    • Will you be an outcast?
    • Being black in Korea
  • Appropriate Use of Mannerisms and Body Language

Chapter 9: Saving Money

  • Is It Cheap to Live in Korea?
  • What You Can Expect to Save
  • Sending Your Money Home

Chapter 10: Tutoring “On the Side”

Chapter 11: Learning the Korean Language

  • Is Speaking Korean Necessary?
  • How to Master the Language for Free

Chapter 12: What to Expect from Your Apartment

"Teaching English in Korea changed the course of my life"

“Teaching English in Korea changed the course of my life”

Chapter 13: Healthcare Coverage

  • The Beauty of Healthcare in Korea
  • Alternative Asian Medicine
  • Dental Coverage
  • Heed My War Story

Chapter 14: Shopping for Food and Clothing

  • Where to Shop
  • Shopping for Big People
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Maintaining Your Vegan Lifestyle

Chapter 15: EPIK vs. Hagwans

Chapter 16: Closing Thoughts

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