Archives for March 2013

How Much Can You SAVE Teaching in Korea?

Through my YouTube channel, I receive many questions about the financial side of teaching English in Korea.  Many people look briefly at the benefits package and wonder if the numbers will allow one … [Read more...]

What Welcome Gift to Bring to Korea

When I was preparing to come to Korea, one thing I heard a lot about was bringing a welcome gift for the school that I would be assigned to.  The only problem was - what should I bring?  As I did so … [Read more...]

The China Variable in the North Korean Conflict

Lately it seems like everywhere you look you're faced with a new story about North Korea's latest antics.  They just can't seem to put a top on it.  Now as things are heating up at the border of North … [Read more...]

Are South Koreans Afraid of North Korea?

Since I've been in Korea, the tension between the two "countries" has intensified.  Most recently, the threats and general language from the North has become more threatening and heated.  You're … [Read more...]

Mizuno Vs. Adidas: Which Judo Gi Should You Buy?

Many prospective teachers coming to Korea to teach English are also interested in being part of the large martial arts community here.  I've received many questions about the facilities I train at and … [Read more...]