My Korean Judo Master on National TV (Korean only/TURN UP Volume)

Somehow the people of Channel A in Seoul, Korea got their hands on my video of my 64 year old judo instructor doing some of his amazing physical feats of strength.  A variety show on this network called “Cinderella” chooses their favorite amateur videos and brings in the people who make the video what it is.  In this case, it was my judo master.  It’s a fun show where the show’s panel interview’s the person in a light-hearted way.  They brought him to Seoul and had a great show.  They actually saved his segment until last.  They must’ve really liked it.  The show aired April 8, 2013.

My co-teacher video taped it with his hand-phone (cell) and gave it to me.  The sound is very LOW.  So turn it up!!!

Original video they saw of my 64 year old Korean Judo Master:

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