Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Korea

If Ultimate Fighting is your thing, you will be able to give the octagon a go as well. The popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is coming into its own with the likes of Kim Dong Hyun “the Stun Gun” and Jung Chan-Sung “the Korean Zombie” becoming household names.

I spent time at the renowned Busan Team MAD (Monstrous And Dangerous) and look forward to more. The same tenacity that Koreans have with other martial arts is being applied to Mixed Martial Arts. They excel in taekwondo, wrestling, boxing, and judo. It’s just a matter of time before MMA is added to this list.

Be part of the action. So get your fight trunks and mouthpiece and step on the mat.

Are you ready? “Let’s get it on!!”

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  1. Dong Hyung Kim and Jung Chan Sung have already did a lot for MMA in general let alone for Korean MMA, in my eyes at least.
    The Korean Zombie made the history by beating an excellent opponent via a very complicated move twister (first time that this submission move has been used in octagon), and now few days ago The Stun Gun delivered a great one punch knockout against one of the top contenders in the division, while fighting in his opponents home country.

    It’s so awesome to see them do so well!

    • I really hope Korea continues to improve in MMA. It can only help grow the sport and there are some truly talented fighters here. Dong Hyun is a tough, tough guy.

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