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First Lesson Idea for New Teachers in Korea

I get a lot of questions regarding lesson planning.  A lot of hopeful ESL teachers wonder what direction they should take regarding their lessons and how to go about making them.  There is really no … [Read more...]

Faces of Pain: the Tales of My Judo Injuries in Korea

As I am sitting here writing this blog, my arm is slowly returning to a normal color.  Fleeting are the days of tie-dye skin tone and a swollen Popeye-sized forearm.  What am I rambling about? Yet … [Read more...]

The Magnificent Local Markets of South Korea

You may have heard about the indoor/outdoor markets in South Korea.  They are wonderlands for the investigative type.  If you like snooping around local shops to see what the natives are buying, then … [Read more...]

The Amazing Miniature Shoe Repair Shops of Korea

Mini Cobbler Shop in Korea Certain things just don't get old in Korea.  When I first arrived in Korea in August of 2011, I remember walking around the streets of Jeon-Ju during orientation … [Read more...]

No Panties Allowed in Judo Class in Korea!

I'm rapidly approaching the two year mark here in South Korea.  One of the most memorable things, BY FAR, has been my involvement at my local judo (yudo 유도) school.  My master instructor is this … [Read more...]