Martial Arts in Korea

Martial Art is a premium part of Asian culture and it is no different in South Korea. Whether you are interested in hard or soft styles, Korea has it.

Martial Art has been an integral part of my time in Korea (injuries and all!) and some of my fondest memories come from the time I spent in the training halls here. In particular, judo (or yudo 유도 in Korea), was my style of choice.

Whether it was putting my head instructor on a national television variety show, healing my ailing limbs, or being introduced to the deep culture that judo has in Korea, they were all times I will never forget.

I also cross-train in the arte suave, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), as well as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). You can do the same. With styles such as Hapkido, Kumdo, Tang Soo Do, and Olympic sport Tae Kwon Do, there is something for everyone in South Korea.

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