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5½ Tweaks to Daily Life in Korea I Highly Recommend

Here's a little light-hearted (but true!) ranting for the weekend.  Over the past year and a half I've learned to navigate some of the...nuances of everyday life in a major South Korean city.  The … [Read more...]

This is Hiking in South Korea

승학산 (Seung Hak San) Looking back at my time here in Korea, I definitely wish I had gone hiking more.  So when my North Korean father (by proxy!) finally convinced me to go, we coordinated a … [Read more...]

The Mighty Korean School Computer

All you have to do is ask around to teachers in Korea about their computer situation and you'll likely get the same answer.  They're BEAT!  I was not left out of this either.  For 4-5 … [Read more...]

My Korean Judo Master on National TV (Korean only/TURN UP Volume)

Somehow the people of Channel A in Seoul, Korea got their hands on my video of my 64 year old judo instructor doing some of his amazing physical feats of strength.  A variety show on this network … [Read more...]

My Judo Instructor on National Cable Program

Because of this video of my amazing 64 year old (now 65) judo instructor on my YouTube channel, a national cable network will do a program about him and also show this video.  For anyone in Korea, … [Read more...]

DO NOT Teach English in Korea If You Are…

Teaching English in Korea (or any foreign land) is not for everybody.  I think many people believe it's for them and that it will turn into an epic experience of natives embracing them at the airport, … [Read more...]