3 Ways to Tie Your Judo or BJJ Belt

There are many ways to tie your judo belt. Some of us learned early on how to make due with the basic way, but as you continue on you judo adventure in life, you learn there are better ways. Essentially, there are three elements to be aware of when tying your judo belt.
First, the knot itself. Left over right, then right over left. This will result in the inward fold of the knot facing to your right as you look down at the knot. This is the all you need to know about the knot.

Second, the crisscross of the belt on your back. The way beginners are taught is just to wrap the belt around your waist starting at your belly, and crossing the belt over itself in the back. It really doesn’t matter in the broad scope of things, but if you want to be “cool”, like, “judo cool”, then you don’t want the crossover in the back. It should appear to be a solid, evenly shaped band going all the way around your waist.

Third, ensuring the belt does not come untied during practice. I first learned this through some videos I saw by Japanese players back in the day. The essence of the alternative knot tying is to lace the ends of your judo belt in between the layers wrapping around your waist as you are going through the “left over right, right over left” tying steps. To get the knot tight and normal looking takes some practice and wiggling to find the sweet spot.

It would be very difficult and likely confusing to walk through the steps in text, so this video will make sense of it all.

Good luck and happy tying!

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