7 Korean Street Foods in Seoul

Street food is synonymous with Korean culture. As you're on the go, Korean street food is so quick, convenient, and delicious. It's a defining element of Korea and if you are planning a visit you … [Read more...]

I Was AWOL. I Was Life.

What a difference a year can make. That's what I keep telling myself. One single year can take one's life and transform it into a completely different creature. So many people take one single year … [Read more...]

Goodbye, Korea! … [Read more...]

Day of Birth…Buddha. Día de Vacaciones.

If it's a vacation day - I'll take it.  This past weekend Korea celebrated Buddha's birthday and with it came a day off from school.  Many people in Korea use the day to visit temples to pay … [Read more...]

Korean War “Tootsie Roll” Campaign

The Korean War influenced the world today in many ways.  War, in general, has so many stories that the common man will never know let alone appreciate.  I came across this video put out by … [Read more...]

5½ Tweaks to Daily Life in Korea I Highly Recommend

Here's a little light-hearted (but true!) ranting for the weekend.  Over the past year and a half I've learned to navigate some of the...nuances of everyday life in a major South Korean city.  The … [Read more...]

This is Hiking in South Korea

승학산 (Seung Hak San) Looking back at my time here in Korea, I definitely wish I had gone hiking more.  So when my North Korean father (by proxy!) finally convinced me to go, we coordinated a … [Read more...]

The Mighty Korean School Computer

All you have to do is ask around to teachers in Korea about their computer situation and you'll likely get the same answer.  They're BEAT!  I was not left out of this either.  For 4-5 … [Read more...]

What Welcome Gift to Bring to Korea

When I was preparing to come to Korea, one thing I heard a lot about was bringing a welcome gift for the school that I would be assigned to.  The only problem was - what should I bring?  As I did so … [Read more...]

The China Variable in the North Korean Conflict

Lately it seems like everywhere you look you're faced with a new story about North Korea's latest antics.  They just can't seem to put a top on it.  Now as things are heating up at the border of North … [Read more...]