5 Reasons I Chose to Live in Korea Over Japan

I'm back in Korea. For this, my second tour, I decided to go for the big city and make Seoul my new home. It was a hard decision for me because I had made Busan my home for 4½ years and my friends and … [Read more...]

After You Land a Teaching Job

I'm very happy to be involved with many hopeful teachers trying to realize their dream of teaching English in Korea. It's an exciting time from start to finish. One of the hardest things about … [Read more...]

Destiny Nation: Korea

“Enrich your life by teaching in the R.O.K.” Destiny Nation: Korea is familiarity, stories, and information. I spent 4½ years teaching English in South Korea and through it all I shared my … [Read more...]

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Teach English in Korea? Chapter 2: Make the Decision Chapter 3: Korea in a Nutshell What Korea is NOT Like What Korea IS Like Chapter 4: Finding a Job Will There … [Read more...]

Free Chapter

Chapter 1: Why Teach English in Korea? Teaching English in Korea ultimately became something that I never expected. Though in some ways I had an idea, so much of my time in Korea took me down other … [Read more...]

Korea Teaching Jobs

Please submit your resume to the email address provided in the job posting. For other job inquiries, please read through details of applying and how to send your resume on the submit your resume … [Read more...]