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RDD Judo Final 2Judo (유도). It keeps my heart beating. After 20+ years of training I found myself relearning the art from scratch in many aspects.  Though heavily reliant on throwing techniques, judo is also known for its sport-specific style of ground fighting, or Newaza.  Korea has the blueprint for success and a solid track record of bringing their players to the pinnacle of the game.

Without question, judo in Korea played a major role in my overall experience. Both North and South Korea have a rich history in this “pajama” grappling sport. With Korea’s moderate geographical size and population, the constant production of world-class talent makes it impossible to not enjoy exposure to high-level training.

You want to get your throw on? Do it in South Korea.

The judo videos, training, the events, the friends, the memories; I’m glad to be able to share them with you.

Getting started with Judo in Korea


  1. hello guys
    I cant speak English very well but I want sey something:
    I realy love judo but in my country it isn’t important sport if I travel to your country you will help me or not

  2. Dear Friends,

    We would like to come to Korea this summer with a group of judo practitioners of 12 to 17 yrs. old. Can you recommend good dojo with many participants (kids) and competitions. We will pay for all of course. We will need accommodations etc. Hamsamida. Leo

  3. Avatar Michael Jones says:

    I’ve been teaching English in Seoul for the last two years and I’m really eager to start learning Judo. Do you know of any places in Seoul that also have English instruction?

    • You should find judo no problem in Seoul. If you have a few places near you, just go check them out beforehand. Some will be able to speak English. Even if they don’t, they’d be happy to have you there.

  4. Avatar A. Nenova says:

    Good day,

    Could I maybe get in touch with you via email? I am considering moving to Korea (most probably South Korea) to improve my Judo and I have a few questions regarding working there and training for Judo.

    Kind Regards.

  5. Hello I am a student in Korea I want to continue my trainings here. So can advice some Judo club near Sejong University.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. I had a great time reading your judo blogs~
    I hope you had a wonderful time in Korea

  7. Hi, Im From Philippines, I Would Like To Study Judo In South Korea. Because, Here In The Philippines Only Few Gyms Here Teach Judo And Its Far From My Work And Were I Live.*** I Would Like To Ask If You Have A Program For Me Good For 2-3years.? How Much It Will Cause.?

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