Faces of Pain: the Tales of My Judo Injuries in Korea

As I am sitting here writing this blog, my arm is slowly returning to a normal color.  Fleeting are the days of tie-dye skin tone and a swollen Popeye-sized forearm.  What am I rambling about? Yet … [Read more...]

Get to the Point – Acupuncture in Korea Works!

About a month ago I went and did something that I thought was going to be a great idea, but it was DUMB!  I went and trained with a collegiate judo team here in Busan at Dong-eui University.  Now to … [Read more...]

Come to Korea – Break a Leg

Sometimes I simply don't listen to my body talking to me.  "The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak".  Sometimes I forget that father time is always at work and will backhand you just to remind you … [Read more...]

Teaching MATH in English When I’m Sick

Ten Saturdays per semester I am part of a new EPIK program called SAM (Science, Art, and Math in English).  It's a very new program since the removal of standard Saturday classes in Korea.  For SAM, I … [Read more...]

Being Sick in Korea is Brutal

Being sick in Korea is actually one of the highlights of this endeavor.  Why?  Because whatever I normally got sick with back home seems to be amplified here.  I heard about this before coming and I … [Read more...]

Medical and Dental Costs are Very Cheap in Korea

Having been in Korea now for about 14 months, I've had to visit the doctor on a few occasions.  Two of them were for minor surgeries.  The first one left me simply amazed at the low cost of medical … [Read more...]

Korea Q&A: Racism, Girl Judo, Meds, CRC, Typhoons

Taking a few to answer some questions and comments I've received from my YouTube channel and blog.  Thanks to those who wrote them into me. Kayla Harrison World/Olympic … [Read more...]