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It doesn’t seem like too long ago that I was a bona fide new teacher. I’ve learned a lot over the years since making my way to Korea. I had wished there was a place I could reference to get some teaching tips on what to expect in the classroom and how to adjust to the challenge. I really enjoy sharing my experiences in Korea and I receive many questions regarding the classroom. I hope this section will help give you some new perspectives and prepare you for what’s ahead in your ESL endeavor.

I also cover general topics about the world of ESL, when possible.

I hope that the articles and videos I create will in some way be helpful for you in your journey, no matter how long or short it lasts.

If you’re new here, maybe the posts below will be a great start for you.

Get started with Teaching Tips

  • Classroom Criminal Justice: Enforce Behavior, Drop the Ax, But Keep It FUN!
  • How You Can Make ESL a Long-Term Career
  • Will You Hate Teaching English in Korea?
  • Classroom Management: Setting Rules and Expectations for a Smooth Running Year
  • How to Be an Excellent, Award-Winning ESL Teacher
  • 3 Tips for Earning Student Respect
  • I Speak English. I’m Not American or British…Can I Teach English Abroad?
  • Q&A: The Importance of TESOL, CELTA, and Teacher Certifications
  • Q&A: Best Major for Teaching English Abroad
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    1. Jessica Collins says:

      Hi! My name is Jessica Collins and I am from Florida as well. You have been so incredibly helpful, but I still have some questions I would like to ask you. Is that okay?

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