My Teaching English in Korea eBook is Out Now

Guide to Teaching in Korea

Blogging and making videos brought a whole element to my time in Korea that I never expected. Lots of meaningful interaction with people from different corners of the world who are interested in … [Read more...]

Is Teaching English in South Korea Worth It Financially?

finance cover FINAL

Teaching English in South Korea has become an increasingly popular endeavor for the mainstream. More than ever before people are finding themselves attracted to the idea of traveling to Korea to teach … [Read more...]

Sending Money Home with Wire Transfers

It's come time for me to finally send money back home.  I've been procrastinating the task for quite some time, but I decided to just get it over with.  Not knowing where to start, I went to the … [Read more...]

How Much Money Should You Bring to Korea?

A common concern for all soon-to-be foreign teachers in South Korea is "how much money should I bring?"  I'm asked this a lot and it really depends on a couple things.How Martha Stewart you … [Read more...]

Saving Money Tips: TBS eFM Radio Interview

The great people at TBS eFM "This Morning" show in Seoul had contacted me about money saving tips for foreigners living in Korea.  They had found my blog post about the same topic and wanted to talk … [Read more...]

How Much Can You SAVE Teaching in Korea?

How Much Can You SAVE Teaching in Korea?

Through my YouTube channel, I receive many questions about the financial side of teaching English in Korea.  Many people look briefly at the benefits package and wonder if the numbers will allow one … [Read more...]

My Apartment in Busan, South Korea

My Apartment in Busan, South Korea

My apartment history is an interesting one.  The first apartment I had left a lot of room for improvement.  It was on the third floor and the stairs leading up to that floor were very small, only … [Read more...]

Medical and Dental Costs are Very Cheap in Korea

Medical and Dental Costs are Very Cheap in Korea

Having been in Korea now for about 14 months, I've had to visit the doctor on a few occasions.  Two of them were for minor surgeries.  The first one left me simply amazed at the low cost of medical … [Read more...]

6 Ways I Save Money in Korea


Earlier on in my first year I wrote a blog and made a video about the average teacher's income and expense situation here in South Korea.  I received quite a bit of feedback on both.  Many were … [Read more...]

The Cost of Groceries and Toiletries in Korea

The Cost of Groceries and Toiletries in Korea

Before I came to Korea to teach, I was like anybody else in my situation.  I read every imaginable article and blog, and watched ALL the videos on YouTube.  One of the big topics I often wondered … [Read more...]

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