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The only reason one would go away from Korea without hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of their time here is because they chose not to. Or they don’t have a camera! But Korea offers so many different aspects of life to experience or observe. Exploring Korea should be something that everyone takes part in during their brief stay.

No matter what location you ultimately choose or are placed in, you’ll have activities and sights to check out. Even if you’re in a remote area, Korea is a small country so you can get anywhere in short time. You can travel from one end of the country to the other in three and a half hours via the Korean high-speed rail.

I’ve been in South Korea since 2011 and I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. I’ve done a decent job at seeing my home city, Busan, but that’s it. I haven’t even begun to explore the surrounding cities-let alone the megatropolis, Seoul.

Korea is chock full of temples, mountains, museums, restaurants, festivals, historic regions, sporting activities and food. How do you see it all in one year while balancing work and daily life? You can’t! So make a bucket list and get moving as soon as you get here or time will just slip away.

I’ve captured many of the outings and activities during my time here in Busan, South Korea. They may give you some great ideas. Even if you’re not located in Busan, you’ll likely find many similar activities in your own area.

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  1. Hello Tom,

    I commented previously on your blog post that was about quitting your job to teach abroad. I mentioned the fear that we all have with leaving our “secure” comfort zones. Anyway, I’m very happy to say that I’ll be interviewing for the TaLK Program, to teach English in South Korea! I’m scared as heck but know I’ll be living a life of regret if I don’t do it 🙂 So, while looking up things to do, I came across a program called Temple Stay (, have you heard of it? Tried it? If you haven’t, you should check it out! I seems like a great opportunity to get away (even if it’s just for the weekend) and experience something you couldn’t possibly find in the US. You stay at a Buddhist Temple, participate in their traditional rituals and, depending on the temple, do a host of other activities. There are many temples across South Korea, so many that I’m thinking of making it a goal to stay at each one…does that sound crazy? lol Look it up and tell me what you think. Keep up the great posts!

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