Archives for March 2012

Being a Korean Foreigner in Korea

This is a video response to a viewer's question that came out of my "Q&A;" video on my YouTube channel.  Being a foreigner in Korea brings it's own unique challenges.  Being of Korean ethnicity on … [Read more...]

My Church Mercy Ministry

In December of 2011, I set out looking for a volunteer activity to be part of while here in Korea.  There are many to choose from including orphanage visits, homeless visits, etc.  Many foreigners … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Tie Your Judo or BJJ Belt

There are many ways to tie your judo belt. Some of us learned early on how to make due with the basic way, but as you continue on you judo adventure in life, you learn there are better ways. … [Read more...]

Dahnmudo – Traditional Korean Meditation Martial Art

Dahnmudo in Korea My senior co-teacher (and boss) is involved in a martial art called Dahnmudo (단무도).  It is a meditation style that is very akin to tai chi.  DahnMuDo is an energy-based, … [Read more...]

Water Fountain Show at Lotte Department Store in Busan

Lotte Department store is the largest upscale shopping mall in Busan. It is very similar to Macy's. Each day, there is a very spectacular water fountain show in the center of this silo-shaped mall and … [Read more...]