Judo Class with Kids

This time of year brings in many students at my judo school.  Recently, we’ve seen more middle school and high school kids joining.  There’s even two elementary school little guys.  One of the adults happened to have his iPad with him and filmed a class unbeknownst to me.  After class he was watching it and I thought it would be great to make a short video out of it to show what a class looks like.

Every class has essentially the same routine.  That’s the key to judo – repetition.  If there’s one thing Koreans are good at, it’s establishing a routine and sticking to it with no exceptions.  This is part of their cultural work ethic and it’s why they are one of the most successful countries in Olympic judo.

I could be working with a future Olympian

With the kids class you’ll see that it’s light and fun.  I wish the master instructor was teaching this day (he normally teaches every day) because he is great at mock-beating the kids when they step out of line.  He has a bamboo sword (shinai) that he hits them with.  Sounds gruesome doesn’t it?!  But judo uniforms are very thick and you can’t actually feel the impact all that much, but it makes a massive rattle.  It startles them back into attention.  It’s great.  He beats everybody for that matter – including me!  Sometimes when we’re warming up, he’ll walk behind you and kick you right between the shoulder blades if you’re doing something he doesn’t like.  It literally shocks your brain.  But the funny thing is, it actually feels really good.  Like a massage or something.  He’s a sports massage therapist as well, so that would make sense.

Back to the topic.  Judo class with the kids is really a fun time.  Seeing these future black belts just getting started is a real kicker…or body slammer.  Enjoy the video.

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