My Teaching English in Korea eBook is Out Now

Blogging and making videos brought a whole element to my time in Korea that I never expected. Lots of meaningful interaction with people from different corners of the world who are interested in teaching English in Korea. Over time I found that I was getting very similar questions about life in Korea as an English teacher. I really tried to answer them all, but after a while I realized it wasn’t helping others by only answering one-off messages in private.

Destiny Nation Cover 2When I knew that I was leaving Korea, I decided to hunker down and devote my time to writing a book for people who are in the very same situation I was in 5 years prior. Only, back when I was looking into it, there weren’t nearly the same amount of videos and blogs out there. I spent a lot of time just writing down all the questions and topics that I’d received messages about, questions I had when I was looking, and also perspectives on things I learned while in Korea that I knew would be helpful.

Six months later, after actually leaving Korea, I finished the book. It’s called “Destiny Nation: Korea“. A play on words because it’s both your destination of interest, and potentially your destiny as it was for many before you. A life-changing experience that leaves you with many special friends and endless memories of the most unique peninsula on earth. Both things that will last a lifetime.

If you have questions about getting a job teaching English in Korea, cultural expectations and tips, and life in general, this book will be a great reference for you. I believe it will help you to make a grounded decision and set you up to enjoy the realness of Korea.

Destiny Nation: Korea is available in most major ebook formats including ePUB and Mobi, and will be available through Smashwords, Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Oyster, Scribd, and others.

You can read a chapter for free here.

You can view the complete table of contents here.

Read “Destiny Nation: Korea” now.


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