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5 Reasons I Chose to Live in Korea Over Japan

I'm back in Korea. For this, my second tour, I decided to go for the big city and make Seoul my new home. It was a hard decision for me because I had made Busan my home for 4½ years and my friends and memories were there.It was also difficult because prior … [Read More...]

What Learning Korean Has Been Like the First 3 Months

Learning Korean is one of my main endeavors now that I'm back in Korea. I arrived (back) in Korea three months ago and since that time I've been putting in quite a bit of effort to take on learning the Korean language. How has it been going? Here is an update … [Read More...]

7 Korean Street Foods in Seoul

Street food is synonymous with Korean culture. As you're on the go, Korean street food is so quick, convenient, and delicious. It's a defining element of Korea and if you are planning a visit you should definitely have a few brave moments where you stop at … [Read More...]

Learn Korean Lesson 1: Everyday Verbs (talk, sleep, exercise, study, work, etc.) PDF Downloads:Chapter 2: Daily Life (일상 생활) Video Clip #1 from … [Read More...]