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The Skinny on Gaining Weight in Korea

Too much or too little will change you I was asked on my Youtube channel about whether or not I had gained weight since coming to Korea.  The user mentioned noticing that some Youtubers lost … [Read more...]

The Archaic Modern Computers of Korean Schools

How I feel about my School Computer… This animated gif was taken from KikinitinKorea on Tumblr.  If you teach English in Korea, and you're having one of those days, KikinitinKorea has the … [Read more...]

Custom Made Earrings from Japan

Handmade jewelry from Japan It's closing in on Christmas time and I'm putting some gifts together for my family back home.  Since shipping costs an arm and a leg, keeping the gifts small is a … [Read more...]

2nd Dan Judo Certification in Korea

2nd Dan from the KJA I've been training at a local judo school since I arrived in Busan in August of 2011.  I really wanted to receive a certification from the Korea Judo Association, more … [Read more...]

Bloodsport in Busan: Road FC MMA Event

MMA is making it to Korea in a big way.  It's making it's way to Busan too.  If you follow the sport, you've likely heard of Kim Dong Hyun, the "Stun Gun".  He's one of the top UFC fighters in the … [Read more...]

School Field Trip to Busan Cultural Center

Today my girl's middle school had it's winter semester field trip.  Each class went to different locations, but I went with the oldest students (grade 3) to the Busan Cultural Center.  It was an … [Read more...]

Inspirational Blind Olympic Judo Girl (Slow Motion Video)

Jordan Mouton This is a bit of inspiration for anybody, no matter what you do or what level you're at.  I recently came across this slow-motion training video of USA Judo Paralympic Athlete, … [Read more...]

My Favorite Restaurant: 서울깍두기 in 남포동

Seolleongtang, my favorite! Seoul Kkakdugi (서울깍두기) in Nampo-dong (남포동) is my favorite restaurant in Busan.  There are a few locations around town, but I always go to the one near my house. … [Read more...]

It’s That Time of the Year Again

Namhang Market near my home Even though Thanksgiving hasn't actually made it our way yet officially, there's no mistaking the fact that Korea is already preparing for Christmas.  The main … [Read more...]

Teaching MATH in English When I’m Sick

Ten Saturdays per semester I am part of a new EPIK program called SAM (Science, Art, and Math in English).  It's a very new program since the removal of standard Saturday classes in Korea.  For SAM, I … [Read more...]