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How to Apostille Your Diploma and CRC

So much documentation to get to Korea.  It just seems like an endless supply of records, tests, confirmations, etc, etc, etc... On top of it all, getting documents stamped or certified just adds more … [Read more...]

Ministering to the Homeless in Busan, South Korea

Homelessness in Korea It can't always be about yourself.  I've always had a heart and calling for the homeless no matter where I was.  Not only are we commanded to care for the poor, but it is … [Read more...]

Teach English in Korea: Public School Or Private Hagwon?

From the get-go, there was never a question in my mind that I would only come to Korea if I worked in the public school system, known as EPIK (English Program In Korea).  After speaking with former … [Read more...]

Teach English in Korea: How to Get Your Reference Letters Done Quickly

Reference letters, although not difficult, can take some time.  If you request a reference letter from someone you will be dependent upon their ability (or willingness) to take time out of their day … [Read more...]

Korean Judo Master Interview

I simply cannot believe the response to the video I posted of my judo instructor.  Off a whim I asked him to show some of his physical abilities through the exercises he uses in his own personal … [Read more...]

Being a DJ at My School in Korea

Twice a week I become a DJ at my school in Busan and play a pop song for the entire school at lunch time.  It gives the students a chance to hear me speaking in English as well as hearing some western … [Read more...]

Stuck in Typhoon Sanba in Korea

Today we got hit by Typhoon Sanba.  Being from Florida, I'd have to say that it was more of a tropical storm than an all out typhoon.  Nonetheless, the winds were pretty gnarly and I think my beloved … [Read more...]

4 Ways I Keep the Bugs Out of My Apartment

I absolutely love it when a mosquito is buzzing around my ear when I'm just about to fall asleep at night.  Better yet, when I'm on my computer I see a bug the size of a small candy bar crawling up my … [Read more...]

Strength of a 64 Year Old Korean Judo Master

Being involved in the sport of judo takes a lot of guts.  To obtain technical proficiency, physical strength and stamina, as well as intelligent strategy requires a long term, sustained effort.  It is … [Read more...]

Everyday Life Pictures

There's no rhyme or reason for posting these pictures other than I took them over the past few months and they're a part of my life here in Korea.  Some random stuff I will look back on someday … [Read more...]