Judo Videos in Korea

This page is dedicated to the judo videos I’ve created during my time here in Korea. They cover my judo adventures, tutorials on judo throws by an 8th dan master, and video montages of the judo culture in Korea. Maybe someday I will be in another country and gain different perspectives of the sport of judo.

These videos can be seen at my YouTube channel.

Kosen Judo Class at Kyoto University
Strength of a 64 Year Old Korean Judo Master
Interview with 64 Year Old Korean Judo Master
Judo in Korean School System
Judo High School in Korea
Korean Judo University (This is Why They WIN!)
Seoi Nage and Ko Uchi Gari Tutorial
Tsurikomi Goshi Tutorial
O Goshi Tutorial
O Soto Gari Tutorial
Uchi Mata Tutorial
My Judo School in Korea
Korean College Judo Development Program
Big Judo Tournament in Busan, South Korea
My Korean Yudo instructor “warming up”
Visiting the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo
3 Ways to Tie Your Belt
Techniques:  Osoto Gari to Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi
How to Fold Your Gi
Walking to My Judo School in South Korea
Why I Still Practice Judo at Age 40!



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  2. Hi Tom! I love your blog and videos. It seems like training judo is pretty competitive in korea. Would it be difficult to find judo schools for the hobbyist/beginner? On a side note, are there a lot of bjj schools in korea? i like to cross train bjj to sharpen up my newaza.

    • Judo schools in Korea are easy enough to find for sure. Judo is quite common throughout Asia, and I mean central and east Asia. BJJ is still making it’s way and isn’t quite as prevalent as judo here in Korea but there are gyms and more are popping up each day.

  3. Hi, I am going to Seoul (Suwon) for two weeks and would love to visit and train at a Korean Judo Club. Do you know about any club that would let me train with them for one or two sessions.

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