Korean Judo Master Interview

I simply cannot believe the response to the video I posted of my judo instructor.  Off a whim I asked him to show some of his physical abilities through the exercises he uses in his own personal training regimen.  So he did and I filmed.  I left the videos on my camera for over a month before I got around to putting a video together.  I figured it would be just another judo workout video to most.  Let’s just say I was wrong.

With the likes of WWE superstar/pro MMA fighter, Bobby Lashley, and fitness guru Ross Enamait tweeting the video, it just went crazy.  See it for yourself here.

Many were amazed at this 64 year old man’s physique and strength.  Months ago I had drafted an interview for him, but never got around to sit and interview him.  Once this video took off, I decided to tweak it a bit and sit down with him.  This interview tells the story of one man’s journey in the world of judo.  The devotion, passion, commitment, and love for a sport that has helped shape and define his life.  It was a pleasure to hear some of his answers.  I hope you enjoy it too.


  1. When your judo master said he wanted to make his dad proud, I thought of something my son said he observed — how Koreans are such a collectivism society.

  2. Could you ask him what kind of injuries he's had over his life time in Judo? For someone who's been involved for that long, he certainly seems to be an outlier?

  3. That is a very true statement. Koreans care a lot about each other and are very closely knit. A lot of support for each other in this country.

  4. I can tell you his knee is shot. He loves to show people how he can easily pop it out of joint with a little turn. I'm sure his shoulders and hips have taken a beating and of course his fingers and toes are very gnarled up.

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