UFC – Ultimate Foreigner Competition (Ultimate Frisbee in Korea)

What is Ultimate? Ultimate is a fast-paced team sport that combines the best of soccer and American football. The rules are simple: Catch the disc Stop running Throw the disc to another … [Read more...]

Reliving Korea’s Tumultuous History at the Korean War Memorial

There are many museums to see in Korea. In fact, sometimes I feel like it would be an impossible dream to be able to see them all. All kinds of historical museums, art museums, memorials, etc. are … [Read more...]

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Korea: Art of the Morning Calm

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is arguably the hottest martial art right now, with it's growth outpacing all others. This is for good reason; it's popular in the Ultimate Fighting Championships, is a highly … [Read more...]

The DMZ Tour

One of the places in Korea that I had wanted to visit more than any other attraction was the DMZ. Korea's Demilitarized Zone. It's not an easy thing to see if you don't live in Seoul because the … [Read more...]

Winning Gold at the Seoul Olympic Park

I'm finally making my way into Seoul more frequently now. I know, after almost 3 year...what took me so long?! This time around I made several stops, and one was to the Seoul Olympic Park. The … [Read more...]

Weight Training and the Curious Case of Korean Gyms

Your body is going to change when you come to Korea.  It may be for the better or worse, but it will change.  The food is different and your lifestyle will change and somehow the combination of these … [Read more...]

Attending the 2013 IJF Judo Grand Prix in Jeju, South Korea

Jeju is one of South Korea's prized possessions. The volcanic island is home to many UNESCO heritage sites and is aptly called the "Hawaii of Korea". Being less than an hour flight from Gimhae … [Read more...]

10 Hobbies in Korea for Foreigners

The whole idea of coming to Korea to teach English will turn anyone, regardless of age, into a little kid. The anticipation and excitement of traveling to a foreign land will likely cause many of us … [Read more...]

The Magnificent Local Markets of South Korea

You may have heard about the indoor/outdoor markets in South Korea.  They are wonderlands for the investigative type.  If you like snooping around local shops to see what the natives are buying, then … [Read more...]

No Panties Allowed in Judo Class in Korea!

I'm rapidly approaching the two year mark here in South Korea.  One of the most memorable things, BY FAR, has been my involvement at my local judo (yudo 유도) school.  My master instructor is this … [Read more...]