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Gap Year in Korea – My Sabbatical from Life

My story of coming to Korea to teach English plays out much differently than most of the 20-somethings that take up this endeavor.  Where many teachers come here fresh out of college or just a few … [Read more...]

The English Teaching (slash) MMA Girl…

Jade Marie Anderson - Busan Team MAD I spent a brief time over at Busan Team MAD MMA training facility where Kim Dong Hyun from the UFC trains.  It's arguably the premier MMA team in South … [Read more...]

Adidas Commercial for the Korean National Judo Team

Being in Korea has rejuvenated my interest and involvement in the sport of judo.  Judo is a big sport and martial art here in Korea.  Anytime a country has a university dedicated to the development of … [Read more...]

How Many Times Can You Renew Your Contract?

I've been asked on many occasions - how many times can you renew your contract to teach English in Korea?  If you are teaching through EPIK (English Program In Korea) like myself, then there is … [Read more...]

Judo World Cup Jeju (Korea)

This past weekend was the judo World Cup in Jeju, South Korea.  Several countries hold World Cups where competitors from around the world can come and compete.  Coming off the tails of the Tokyo Grand … [Read more...]

Teach English in Korea if You’re From These Countries

One of the main requirements for all English teaching jobs in Korea is to be from an English speaking country.  That is, a country whose native language is English.  The core list that most jobs … [Read more...]

Random Korean Student Adorability

Like every teacher, there are some students who become your favorites for one reason or another.  They always find a way to find you in the hallways and say "hello!" or talk about random things. … [Read more...]

Let it Snow in Busan

It doesn't snow nearly as much in Busan as in Seoul.  Busan is further south and also located right on the coast which always keeps temperatures slightly higher. But today I was startled by the … [Read more...]

ROK Marines, Earrings, and Piggy Socks for Christmas

Christmas rolled up on me so quickly this year.  In fact, I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by already.  More quickly than any other time in my life that I can remember.  It seems like … [Read more...]

Teacherport Award for the Red Dragon Diaries

I am so surprised and sincerely flattered that my blog was recognized in a recent review of teaching abroad blogs., an international English teaching recruitment agency, reviewed a … [Read more...]