MMA Girl/English Teacher Fighting In South Korea

Back in December of 2012 I did a blog post about a fellow English teacher who trains in MMA here in Busan.  She has since started competing and is currently 2-0.  Jade Marie Anderson is from the USA … [Read more...]

Kim Dong Hyun at 2013 ADCC Korea Qualifiers

Vacation is so great!  Better yet, vacation in Korea as an English teacher is REALLY great!  Several weeks of down time twice a year.  Looking for ways to spend some of it, I finally decided to take a … [Read more...]

The English Teaching (slash) MMA Girl…

Jade Marie Anderson - Busan Team MAD I spent a brief time over at Busan Team MAD MMA training facility where Kim Dong Hyun from the UFC trains.  It's arguably the premier MMA team in South … [Read more...]

Bloodsport in Busan: Road FC MMA Event

MMA is making it to Korea in a big way.  It's making it's way to Busan too.  If you follow the sport, you've likely heard of Kim Dong Hyun, the "Stun Gun".  He's one of the top UFC fighters in the … [Read more...]

Finding a BJJ or MMA School in Korea

A friend of mine recently wrote an article which is an evolving list of BJJ and MMA schools in Korea - from Seoul to Busan.  MMA and BJJ are not as well known in Korea as back home, but it's changing … [Read more...]

Pictures of Team MAD MMA Practice

I am now training at Team MAD Busan - an MMA academy.  Interesting that it turns out some top notch pro fighters like Kim Dong-Hyun of the UFC but is not very well marketed.  It may just be that it … [Read more...]

Training at Team M.A.D. MMA in Busan Ever since I arrived here in Korea, I've been trying to find a local BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) gym.  Amazingly, there is only one pure BJJ gym in this, the second … [Read more...]

Judo in Korea – Walking to Class

I was so lucky to find a great, traditional judo (yudo) school right in my neighborhood.  I walk to class each time and get to see a little bit of my neighborhood so I thought I'd share some of it … [Read more...]