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Busan’s BJJ Prodigy

King of Grapplers - "I bring the PAIN!" 5 hour bus ride to Seoul. Years of committed training. Wrapping up your division in King of Grappling BJJ event in under 2 … [Read more...]

Kim Dong Hyun at 2013 ADCC Korea Qualifiers

Vacation is so great!  Better yet, vacation in Korea as an English teacher is REALLY great!  Several weeks of down time twice a year.  Looking for ways to spend some of it, I finally decided to take a … [Read more...]

Come to Korea – Break a Leg

Sometimes I simply don't listen to my body talking to me.  "The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak".  Sometimes I forget that father time is always at work and will backhand you just to remind you … [Read more...]

Why Become a Licensed Teacher for ESL?

I still have times each week when I just stop in my tracks and literally speak the following words to myself...LIFE IS GOOD! Teaching English in Korea has been such an eye opening, fun, growing, … [Read more...]

Korean College Judo Development Program

A fellow judoka and friend here in Korea introduced me to one of the large college judo development programs in Busan - Dong-eui University (dong oo-ee).  It's a prep for high schoolers and part of … [Read more...]

My All Girls Middle School in Korea – the Tour

Well, the semester is over!  That includes English camp which lasts 2 weeks after the semester close.  This means I get to do the beloved "desk warming" detail.  That means I sit in my chair all day … [Read more...]

Battleships and Fish – Korea’s National Maritime Museum (국립해양박물관)

Korean National Maritime Museum It's fairly evident that Korea is experiencing rapid growth in their economy.  Everywhere you look there is new construction going up, or new neighborhoods being … [Read more...]

Being an Older Non-Korean Korean in Korea

Life for me is slightly different than for most of the foreign teachers here in Korea.  Many people wonder and ask me about two things quite frequently:  getting a job as an older teacher, and being … [Read more...]