This is Hiking in South Korea

승학산 (Seung Hak San) Looking back at my time here in Korea, I definitely wish I had gone hiking more.  So when my North Korean father (by proxy!) finally convinced me to go, we coordinated a … [Read more...]

Battleships and Fish – Korea’s National Maritime Museum (국립해양박물관)

Korean National Maritime Museum It's fairly evident that Korea is experiencing rapid growth in their economy.  Everywhere you look there is new construction going up, or new neighborhoods being … [Read more...]

The English Teaching (slash) MMA Girl…

Jade Marie Anderson - Busan Team MAD I spent a brief time over at Busan Team MAD MMA training facility where Kim Dong Hyun from the UFC trains.  It's arguably the premier MMA team in South … [Read more...]

Custom Made Earrings from Japan

Handmade jewelry from Japan It's closing in on Christmas time and I'm putting some gifts together for my family back home.  Since shipping costs an arm and a leg, keeping the gifts small is a … [Read more...]

2nd Dan Judo Certification in Korea

2nd Dan from the KJA I've been training at a local judo school since I arrived in Busan in August of 2011.  I really wanted to receive a certification from the Korea Judo Association, more … [Read more...]

It’s That Time of the Year Again

Namhang Market near my home Even though Thanksgiving hasn't actually made it our way yet officially, there's no mistaking the fact that Korea is already preparing for Christmas.  The main … [Read more...]

Being Loved on for My Birthday

Today is my birthday.  Yahoy!  My co-teachers got me a nice Paris Baguette cheesecake to remember me.  I have many good things to say about my school in Korea, but for sure they've … [Read more...]

My Apartment in Busan, South Korea

My apartment history is an interesting one.  The first apartment I had left a lot of room for improvement.  It was on the third floor and the stairs leading up to that floor were very small, only … [Read more...]

Stuck in Typhoon Sanba in Korea

Today we got hit by Typhoon Sanba.  Being from Florida, I'd have to say that it was more of a tropical storm than an all out typhoon.  Nonetheless, the winds were pretty gnarly and I think my beloved … [Read more...]

Everyday Life Pictures

There's no rhyme or reason for posting these pictures other than I took them over the past few months and they're a part of my life here in Korea.  Some random stuff I will look back on someday … [Read more...]