Stuck in Typhoon Sanba in Korea

Today we got hit by Typhoon Sanba.  Being from Florida, I’d have to say that it was more of a tropical storm than an all out typhoon.  Nonetheless, the winds were pretty gnarly and I think my beloved scooter got knocked over and then picked up.  One of the mirrors is broken and the plastic casing for the handlebars is cracked.  Oh well – it’s not exactly a gem and it was free, so no heartache.

Because of the storm, there were no classes, but the teachers still had to come in.  Upon arriving, I found out that our students had produced higher English scores on a national standardized exam than other schools in our area – for the first time!  Must be my incredible teaching ability!  Probably not.  In any event, the English department decided to go out for lunch to celebrate at a restaurant on our island, Yeoungdo.  We then went to higher ground after lunch to get a view of waters surrounding the island in the midst of the storm.  I was able to capture a bunch of photos and vids (low quality) and put together this video for you to enjoy.  Though not nearly as impressive as being in it first hand, you’ll get a sense of the powers a storm like Sanba can generate.



  1. Congrats on the English score — how exciting!

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