What Can Americans Learn from Koreans?

No two cultures in the world are the same. Further, even within a given country, cultures vary greatly depending on the location. People from California are quite different in their thinking than are … [Read more...]

The DMZ Tour

One of the places in Korea that I had wanted to visit more than any other attraction was the DMZ. Korea's Demilitarized Zone. It's not an easy thing to see if you don't live in Seoul because the … [Read more...]

Winning Gold at the Seoul Olympic Park

I'm finally making my way into Seoul more frequently now. I know, after almost 3 year...what took me so long?! This time around I made several stops, and one was to the Seoul Olympic Park. The … [Read more...]

A Unique Bus Stop Flea Market in Korea

I'm fortunate to have been in Korea going on three years now. I've seen a lot of things, eaten a lot of things, and learned a lot of things. Sometimes I just go through my daily routines forgetting … [Read more...]

Weight Training and the Curious Case of Korean Gyms

Your body is going to change when you come to Korea.  It may be for the better or worse, but it will change.  The food is different and your lifestyle will change and somehow the combination of these … [Read more...]

Travel Auteurs Interviews the Red Dragon Diaries on Blog Talk Radio

Recently I was contacted by Rich Gedney of Travel Auteurs on YouTube about a new project of his.  Rich had asked if he could interview me on Blog Talk Radio about my life teaching English in Korea as … [Read more...]

4 Things in Korea I Will Never Get Used To

I've officially entered my third year teaching in South Korea.  I'm settled into my new apartment and have already started teaching at my new elementary school.  It's a challenging and exciting time. … [Read more...]

The Amazing Miniature Shoe Repair Shops of Korea

Mini Cobbler Shop in Korea Certain things just don't get old in Korea.  When I first arrived in Korea in August of 2011, I remember walking around the streets of Jeon-Ju during orientation … [Read more...]

Vacation Time is Coming

My current contract ends in late August which means summer vacation falls within the current cycle.  In EPIK we receive 18 days vacation to be split between winter and summer breaks.  It all … [Read more...]

Volunteering at Korean Orphanages

There are so many things to get involved with while teaching English in Korea.  Sometimes though, it's a great and rewarding idea to give back in some way so it isn't always about ourselves.  If … [Read more...]