It’s That Time of the Year Again

Namhang Market near my home

Even though Thanksgiving hasn’t actually made it our way yet officially, there’s no mistaking the fact that Korea is already preparing for Christmas.  The main streets near my neighborhood, the streets in Nampo-dong, and even stores selling only Christmas decorations are already alive and kicking.  It was just yesterday that I was viewing the decorations in Nampo-dong in awe and today I saw the lights being put up again.  A year goes by so fast these days.

Nampo Christmas Store
My hood getting ready

Korea is not a Christian nation, though the numbers are increasing everyday which possibly explains the recognition of the holiday.  The masses tend to refer to it more as “holiday” as opposed to Christmas, unless they are Christian.  For example, Korea doesn’t actually have a nationally recognized Christmas day holiday, as it would for say Chuseok.  Buddhism is still the recognized religion here and acknowledges certain holidays affiliated with the belief.  Regardless, there is not subtlety to their celebration of Christmas everywhere you look.

I’m looking forward to this Christmas more than last since I’m more settled in now.  I can enjoy the season and not be too distracted by the new surroundings.  The time will be upon us so quickly and I can’t wait to be honest.  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.  Don’t forget the reason for the season!


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