Custom Made Earrings from Japan

Handmade jewelry from Japan

It’s closing in on Christmas time and I’m putting some gifts together for my family back home.  Since shipping costs an arm and a leg, keeping the gifts small is a definite goal while shopping.  I have a friend in Japan who makes custom jewelry and I thought some earrings for my sister-in-law would be a great idea.  My friend and maker of these earrings, Rie, is also a former professional female judo player in Japan so the arts is in her veins.  She posts many of her creations on her Facebook page but since I have no idea about what good jewelry looks like, I asked her to make something special.  And she did.

A brighter shot

I received the package today at my school and I was pleased beyond my expectations.  Remember, I know nothing about jewelry (except for the big gold chains Run DMC used to wear back in the day!).  I dated myself there.  The earrings were really fantastic and the special packaging just made it a perfect gift.  I had to share.  Rie (not REI…oss!) has a real knack for making jewelry.  I can’t wait to hear from my sister-in-law when she receives them.


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