Vacation Time is Coming

My current contract ends in late August which means summer vacation falls within the current cycle.  In EPIK we receive 18 days vacation to be split between winter and summer breaks.  It all works out well because those are pretty close to the actual number of days available after summer or winter camps are finished.  The way it worked out this year, I have 8 vacation days available for summer.  This break I knew it was time to get away and actually go on vacation.  When I first arrived in Korea, THAT was a vacation in and of itself.  Traveling abroad.  New surroundings.  Foreign land.  Vacation!

Two years later, Korea is now my home away from home and time away is needed.  I think any long-term foreign teacher needs to get away just to recharge the battery a bit.  I love Korea – don’t get me wrong.  This experience has been the greatest.  Sometimes though, the “Korean’ness” of Korea can get a little too Korean and you just need to check out for a while.

Time to check out.

During winter break 2012 I went to Tokyo to visit and stay at the Kodokan Judo Institute.  It was a totally awesome experience for me, being the avid judo fan that I am.  Tokyo is so awesome.  But that was my vacation.  4 days in Tokyo.  That was it.  This time will be different.

I narrowed my choices down to Cebu, Bangkok, Osaka, and Beijing.  Cebu and Osaka were attractive because flights from Busan Gimhae International Airport are direct using Busan Air.  Since I had been to Japan already, I knocked Osaka off the list until a better time.  Cebu was also a great idea, but it just didn’t seem to appeal to me quite the way Bangkok and Beijing did.

I chose Bangkok city over a beach location because although I wanted time away, I wanted to have some adventure.  That’s what Bangkok is all about, right?  It’s kind of a gritty city and I like the idea of it.

Beijing, though a huge city as well, seems very different to me.  More modern and streamlined – at least in my mind.  I guess that’s the idea of traveling.  To find out what it’s really like.

And find out I will do come August.  This leaves me plenty of time to plan.  With flights and hotels already booked, I’m left with the best part aside of the trip itself.  Trying to figure out what to do once I’m there.


  1. Avatar Dewayne Mc Clairen says:

    Bangkok and Bejing are great choices althought Ive never been outside the US I here Bejing is a marvelous city and holds its own when it comes to appeal considering its heavy shopping life style, and Bangkok seems like it would have a great night life all the street food tut tuts I hope you have a great time Tom! Dewayne Mc Clairen

  2. Thanks, Dewayne. I really can't wait to go and capture as much as I can.

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