Volunteering at Korean Orphanages

There are so many things to get involved with while teaching English in Korea.  Sometimes though, it’s a great and rewarding idea to give back in some way so it isn’t always about ourselves.  If you’re on Facebook, you’ll no doubt come across many opportunities for volunteering.  Since I’ve been in Korea I’ve been actively involved in a homeless outreach that provides a soup kitchen for people to come and hear uplifting messages from the pastoral team and get out of the heat or cold for a few hours.

Another great volunteering option is spending time at local orphanages around the city.  Though I haven’t spent much time with the orphanages, I did take part in a recent BBQ at Soyang Orphanage on the outskirts of Busan.  Busan Volunteer Facebook Group, headed up by Katherine Herrmann holds events frequently.

In action filming the leader!

This particular weekend Katherine decided a BBQ would be a great thing to bring to the kids at Soyang Orphanage.

Hear what Katherine has to say about how she got started and how others, like herself, can be encouraged by reaching out while living abroad.  I’m confident you’ll see why she is custom made for this type of outreach and the best coordinator for willing volunteers.

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