Travel Auteurs Interviews the Red Dragon Diaries on Blog Talk Radio

Recently I was contacted by Rich Gedney of Travel Auteurs on YouTube about a new project of his.  Rich had asked if he could interview me on Blog Talk Radio about my life teaching English in Korea as an expat.

Travel Auteurs is a new project where YouTubers from around the world are interviewed about their lives relating to filmmaking for their respective channels.

travel-auteursRich had watched many of my videos from vlogs to mini films over the past two years. One of the great things about the interview was how his questioning helped me to reflect on the past two years as a whole. It’s been an amazing experience, full of highs and lows, all of which helped me to grow as an individual. In a way it was like a trip down memory lane as I tried to recap my experiences in what felt like a brief amount of time.

Many topics were covered including ESL requirements for hopeful teachers, public schools vs private (hagwons), the future of ESL for teachers like myself, getting teacher certified, judo and MMA, and of course, filmmaking.

It amazes me how my life has taken the direction it has the past 24 months. I came from the throws of the worst economic adjustment in US history to a new life of teaching, blogging, and making YouTube videos which could very well be my new life going forward. I have this new, COOL website including my blog, my YouTube videos have been viewed over 1 million times, and I’m nearing the end of my teacher certification process through the University of West Florida’s TeacheReady program. Sometimes I wonder how I ended up at this point, looking at a potential bright NEW future.

This interview with Rich from Travel Auteurs made me reflect on it all as I was speaking. It helped me look back at the path I’ve come through as well as reconfirm my intentions for my future. As I listen to the interview, I can hear the passion and excitement in my voice. The crispness is back. Something that had been taken from me the years leading up to coming to Korea.

There were a lot of great topics covered in this interview, and Rich Gedney did a fantastic job facilitating the interview. He has a way of making you feel like you’re speaking with an old friend.

I encourage any hopeful expat teacher to give this a listen. I know there will be something in there that can help clarify direction and possibly give encouragement.

I look forward to millions of more views, a huge global website, and teaching in many different countries around the world. None of it would be possible without the good will and positive feedback from everyone who has read or reads the Red Dragon Diaries.

Special thanks to Rich Gedney of Travel Auteurs for having me on his Blog Talk Radio segment.

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