No Panties Allowed in Judo Class in Korea!

I'm rapidly approaching the two year mark here in South Korea.  One of the most memorable things, BY FAR, has been my involvement at my local judo (yudo 유도) school.  My master instructor is this … [Read more...]

Judo Throws by Korean 7th Dan Korean Master (Part I)

Master Go Cheong Pil, 7th Dan Back home in America, if a seasoned red and white belt judoka from Korea put on a clinic we would gladly shell out $50-100 no sweat.  It's not everyday that you … [Read more...]

My Korean Judo Master on National TV (Korean only/TURN UP Volume)

Somehow the people of Channel A in Seoul, Korea got their hands on my video of my 64 year old judo instructor doing some of his amazing physical feats of strength.  A variety show on this network … [Read more...]

My Judo Instructor on National Cable Program

Because of this video of my amazing 64 year old (now 65) judo instructor on my YouTube channel, a national cable network will do a program about him and also show this video.  For anyone in Korea, … [Read more...]

Mizuno Vs. Adidas: Which Judo Gi Should You Buy?

Many prospective teachers coming to Korea to teach English are also interested in being part of the large martial arts community here.  I've received many questions about the facilities I train at and … [Read more...]

Come to Korea – Break a Leg

Sometimes I simply don't listen to my body talking to me.  "The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak".  Sometimes I forget that father time is always at work and will backhand you just to remind you … [Read more...]

Korean College Judo Development Program

A fellow judoka and friend here in Korea introduced me to one of the large college judo development programs in Busan - Dong-eui University (dong oo-ee).  It's a prep for high schoolers and part of … [Read more...]

Adidas Commercial for the Korean National Judo Team

Being in Korea has rejuvenated my interest and involvement in the sport of judo.  Judo is a big sport and martial art here in Korea.  Anytime a country has a university dedicated to the development of … [Read more...]

Judo World Cup Jeju (Korea)

This past weekend was the judo World Cup in Jeju, South Korea.  Several countries hold World Cups where competitors from around the world can come and compete.  Coming off the tails of the Tokyo Grand … [Read more...]

2nd Dan Judo Certification in Korea

2nd Dan from the KJA I've been training at a local judo school since I arrived in Busan in August of 2011.  I really wanted to receive a certification from the Korea Judo Association, more … [Read more...]