Adidas Commercial for the Korean National Judo Team

Being in Korea has rejuvenated my interest and involvement in the sport of judo.  Judo is a big sport and martial art here in Korea.  Anytime a country has a university dedicated to the development of a sport, where one can receive a college degree in THAT sport…you know they’re serious.  That’s Korea.

Wang Ki Chun & Kim Jae Bum
Yong-in judo mascot

Korea has never stopped producing top athletes in the game, and always bring home gold medals at all levels each year.  Korea’s national judo and martial arts university, Yong-in, is also the training ground for the national team which includes Wang Ki Chun, Kim Jae Bum, and Song Dae Nam.  The facility looks unbelievable and there are no corners cut in the preparation for the World and Olympic stage.  I plan on visiting Seoul this winter break and my hope is to have a workout at Yong-in and to see their facilities.  I am almost as excited about the notion as I was when visiting the Kodokan Judo Institute.

Song Dae Nam, 2012 Gold

I came across this great Adidas commercial (below) for the Korean National Judo Team in training.  Unfortunately, I can’t understand what they are saying (I’m a bad Korean!) but the feature is really awesome nonetheless.

These are the top athletes in the game globally.  Wang Ki Chun and Kim Jae Bum are arguably among the best players in history and this video gives a brief glimpse into why.  True professionals.


  1. hello! I am also looking to train at yong-in this week, where do you usually train in korea?? (I live in Japan and will be visiting korea in three days)

  2. If you are able to find out how to train at Yong-In, please let me know. I am in Busan which is on the other side of the country from Seoul, but I train at a school in my neighborhood called Kook Sa Kwan.

    I'm jealous that you live in Japan? Are you also an English teacher?

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