Mizuno Vs. Adidas: Which Judo Gi Should You Buy?

Many prospective teachers coming to Korea to teach English are also interested in being part of the large martial arts community here.  I’ve received many questions about the facilities I train at and the general landscape of arts in South Korea.  One of the big questions we all have once getting started is, “what is the right gi (uniform) for me?”

I’ve trained in judo (among other styles) for many years.  Nearly my whole life.  I’ve purchased more martial arts uniforms than I probably should have.  In the sport of judo, there are countless companies manufacturing there own gis to get a piece of the pie.  Gis are a funny thing.  Sometimes they are specific to a certain country.  When watching the international tournaments, you’ll see each team sporting a certain brand that others are not.  Gis are personal statements in many cases.  In a sport like judo where the amount of “flare” allowed on the uniform is very limited, finding a gi that says “you” can be difficult.  All this still doesn’t take into account which one is high quality and will stand the test of time on the mats.

As someone who began training in the USA, two of the biggest names are Mizuno and Adidas.  I’ve owned a couple of each and they are the brands that I currently train in today.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a gi.  I decided to do a video comparison of my two favorites, taking into consideration price, fit, feel, and functionality.  Of course your body type and style preferences play a big part in deciding what to buy.

Here is my take on the Mizuno Supreme vs the Adidas Champion.  It’s just my opinion…

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