Judo Throws by Korean 7th Dan Korean Master (Part I)

Master Go Cheong Pil, 7th Dan

Back home in America, if a seasoned red and white belt judoka from Korea put on a clinic we would gladly shell out $50-100 no sweat.  It’s not everyday that you have access to that high of a rank from a country that dominates the sport.

It’s been my absolute blessing to have just steps from my apartment an individual like that.  Many of you have seen posts and videos about my master instructor.  The machine-like ironman with superhuman physical capabilities.

Now 65 years old, this modern day master has wowed hundreds of thousands of people who have watched his physical feats from this video.  That very video landed him on national television here in Korea.

He’s a true gentleman and ambassador for the sport of judo.  It’s amazing to be living on an island (just separated by a small waterway) and to have access to this level of instruction.  I remember like yesterday when I was shown the school location by a cabbie within the first month of my arrival in Korea.  My love for the sport has been reinvigorated the past 18 months and I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to train with him.

Knowing that I won’t be in Korea forever, I’ve tried to capture as many videos of him and his school as possible.  Recently I made three technique demos with him to post on YouTube for the judo world to enjoy.  The techniques for my “judo friends” are as follows:

  • O Goshi
  • Tsurikomi Goshi
  • Seoi Nage and Ko Uchi Gari Combinations

Introducing, Master Go Cheong Pil.  Judo red and white belt, 7th degree.

O Goshi

Tsurikomi Goshi

Seoi Nage and Ko Uchi Gari Combinations

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