Cool New Doo

I've always been a little bit of a plain Joe when it comes to style.  I'm not drab by any means, but I definitely don't keep up with all the styles in clothes and hair like some may.  … [Read more...]

Visions of Busan

Over the past couple months I've had the opportunity to travel around my new "home" city of Busan, South Korea. Here is a montage of a few of the things I've done/places I've visited. I hope you enjoy … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Well, this was the first time I celebrated my birthday out of the US.  My school was still in the process of getting my exact mailing address down so my family couldn't even send me … [Read more...]

Geumjeongsan Mountain Adventure on Korea’s Foundation Day

Today was an important national holiday in Korea.  It's called (National) Foundation Day.  I think it's akin to Independence Day in America.  All I know is that I saw a whole lot of Korean flags … [Read more...]

Batter Up: Baseball in Busan

Last night I did something I haven't in a very long time and it took going to the other side of the world to do it.  I went to a baseball game.  I watched the Lotte (Busan) Giants pro baseball team … [Read more...]

An End to the Beginning

At the end of a VERY long week of orientation we finally graduated.  The EPIK program once again showed that they are willing to go to any length to make teaching english in South Korea a memorable … [Read more...]

Tiny Delivery Trucks

Along with many interesting things that stuck out to me when I first arrived in Korea, one was seeing the tiny little delivery trucks on the street.  I honestly don't know what they could … [Read more...]

Culture Club

The gracious EPIK staff decided to give us a break from the 12 hours of class each day and bring us through a historical district in Jeon Ju called the Nambu Market and Hanok Village.  This area … [Read more...]

Made it to South Korea

Would I have thought just a few years ago that I would be sitting in South Korea writing a blog about travel in Asia and teaching English?  Not a chance.  Well, maybe I thought about it, but to … [Read more...]