Tiny Delivery Trucks

Along with many interesting things that stuck out to me when I first arrived in Korea, one was seeing the tiny little delivery trucks on the street.  I honestly don’t know what they could possibly deliver considering the size.  They are about 1/2 to 2/3 scale to a delivery truck we would be used to in the States.  I looked inside the cabin of the smallest one I saw and it would be impossible for me to fit in it, let alone with a passenger…unless I was yogi kudu or something.  If I stretched my arms out, my wing span would be almost the length of the storage/carriage part.  I’m guessing it’s for fuel efficiency or something, but whatever the case may be these are definitely the smallest yet coolest delivery rides I’ve ever seen.

I’ve seen much smaller than this…

It’s hard to tell, but I can touch the front and back of the storage unit at the same time

This is one small vehicle.  The box may be 6 feet if that.


  1. These trucks are made to cater to businesses with lesser transactions involving supply and delivery. Yes, they are also made for fuel economy, as it is more practical to drive smaller trucks when the goods are not that much in terms of quantity.

    Valentina Moors

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