Winning Gold at the Seoul Olympic Park

I'm finally making my way into Seoul more frequently now. I know, after almost 3 year...what took me so long?!This time around I made several stops, and one was to the Seoul Olympic Park. The … [Read more...]

My Video Covered on “Korea Today: Arirang Issue” Viral Video T.V. Show

It never seems to amaze me - the power of social networking.Back in 2012 a brief video I did of my judo instructor eventually spread throughout Korea and landed him on a national cable TV variety … [Read more...]

A Unique Bus Stop Flea Market in Korea

I'm fortunate to have been in Korea going on three years now. I've seen a lot of things, eaten a lot of things, and learned a lot of things. Sometimes I just go through my daily routines forgetting … [Read more...]

10 Hobbies in Korea for Foreigners

The whole idea of coming to Korea to teach English will turn anyone, regardless of age, into a little kid. The anticipation and excitement of traveling to a foreign land will likely cause many of us … [Read more...]

The Magnificent Local Markets of South Korea

You may have heard about the indoor/outdoor markets in South Korea.  They are wonderlands for the investigative type.  If you like snooping around local shops to see what the natives are buying, then … [Read more...]

The Amazing Miniature Shoe Repair Shops of Korea

Mini Cobbler Shop in KoreaCertain things just don't get old in Korea.  When I first arrived in Korea in August of 2011, I remember walking around the streets of Jeon-Ju during orientation … [Read more...]

Vacation Time is Coming

My current contract ends in late August which means summer vacation falls within the current cycle.  In EPIK we receive 18 days vacation to be split between winter and summer breaks.  It all … [Read more...]

My All Girls Middle School in Korea – the Tour

Well, the semester is over!  That includes English camp which lasts 2 weeks after the semester close.  This means I get to do the beloved "desk warming" detail.  That means I sit in my chair all day … [Read more...]

Battleships and Fish – Korea’s National Maritime Museum (국립해양박물관)

Korean National Maritime MuseumIt's fairly evident that Korea is experiencing rapid growth in their economy.  Everywhere you look there is new construction going up, or new neighborhoods being … [Read more...]

Taejongdae Park (태종대공원) in Busan

Taejongdae lighthouse sceneTaejongdae Park is located not far from my neighborhood in Yeongdo-gu, Busan - an island right off the tip of Busan next to Nampo-dong shopping district.  Yeoungdo … [Read more...]