My Video Covered on “Korea Today: Arirang Issue” Viral Video T.V. Show

It never seems to amaze me – the power of social networking.

Back in 2012 a brief video I did of my judo instructor eventually spread throughout Korea and landed him on a national cable TV variety show.

Though still one of the most memorable highlights of my time in Korea thus far, I was still super surprised and grateful for having one of my videos covered on an English version of a Korean TV show called “Korea Today: Arirang Issue”.  On this show they showcase videos from foreigners either in Korea or elsewhere, that are viral or of great interest to the general Korean public.

I recently did a video of this very unique flea market that operates on weekends right near my apartment and at my bus stop. I initially noticed it blew up on some Korean social media sites, but then I was alerted by a subscriber that it also landed on this very TV show.

The best part of the segment is the way they described me.

The person behind this video is thought to be a foreigner…!

LOL!  Really, that’s funny.  I felt like a mysterious paparazzi secret agent.

My video can be seen at 4:19 of the show below.

Here is the original video I made in full length.


  1. Hi. Congratulations! You’re just getting exposure everywhere you do.:) Fighting!

  2. opps (go)

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