Busan Museum (부산) South Korea

Although it's not the most fun and exciting attraction in Busan (not that museums are ever categorized as "exciting"), the Busan Museum ( has been one of the best outings … [Read more...]

UN Memorial Cemetery – God Bless America!

The UN Memorial Cemetery ( is one of the most memorable sites in Busan that I've been to so far.  The cemetery, dedicated to the international soldiers who gave their lives in … [Read more...]

The Busan Aquarium in Haeundae Beach times that I'd been to Haeundae Beach I always saw the Busan Aquarium.  Each time I wanted to check it out.  I just never did, and now one year has … [Read more...]

Busan Museum of Art

There are many things I haven't had a chance to do yet in Busan - one of those is visiting the museums.  Today I decided to take a trek uptown to the Busan Museum of Art.  It's located right … [Read more...]

Imitation Alley in Busan, South Korea

I've always been a sucker for knock-off watches.  There are tons of products where you can find imitations, but watches are my thing.  When I lived in New York City, I just couldn't stop myself from … [Read more...]

Art’ifying the Old at Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan

Gamcheon Culture VillageIt's Summer English Camp time.  Things have changed a little since I first arrived.  Until very recently, Korea still held Saturday classes twice a month.  They have … [Read more...]

A Day at the Korean Horse Races with Outstanding Students

In May, two of the top English students at my school took part in a regional English speaking competition in Busan, South Korea.  I live and teach on an island called Yeoung-do.  This English public … [Read more...]

Teaching English in South Korea – what is it REALLY like?

I am closing in on my one year mark teaching English in South Korea.  It's mid June (2012) now, and the contract year will end in August (2012).  While I've been here, I've tried to capture many of … [Read more...]

Funky Cool Water Fountain in South Korea

Some ESL teacher friends met for the opening weekend of this fantastic water fountain show at Dadaepo Beach in Busan. It's much more impressive in person, but this will give you an idea of how cool it … [Read more...]